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Let thy food be thy medicine

In the modern society that we live in, almost none of us is educated in relation to the origin of our food and the implications that this has for our health and that of the ecosystem.
In this video you will see a simple explanation of these implications and some suggestions to support your health and the planet.
Thank you for your inspiration @zachbushmd and @farmersfootprint.
Share it so that together we can regenerate our mother earth.

Facial coverings

There has been so much publicity regarding how these facial coverings help us, however there is no scientific support for any of this. In this video I share with you some points to consider so you can make more conscious and informed decisions.

Facial coverings in Kids

If your children's school is forcing them to cover their faces or if you think it is better for their health, I invite you to watch this video so you can be better informed and make a more conscious and responsible decision for your children.

Doctors and emotions

All doctors want the best for their patients, they have every intention of helping and healing them, however most conventional doctors, are not aware that in the process of their training as doctors, they have lost a great deal of their sensitivity. This is due to the way the in-hospital medical system works. Medical schools, medical residencies and the entire medical education system force us to become desensitized and very mechanical, where empathy, authentic connection with the patient and compassion are lost. However, all doctors can regain these qualities, they just need to want it, and take the time to reconnect with their sensitivity, their ability to fully feel their emotions and be brave enough to feel them with their patients. 

The full picture on Vacc1n3s

A pleasant and relaxed chat between Dr. Nirdosh and Molly Coyle about the new shots.

Meditation to include body tension

A 5-minute meditation that allows you to integrate and transform body tensions.

Meditation for Abdominal symptoms

A short guided meditation to ease and balance any abdominal symptoms you might have.

Finding emotional balance during the Pand3m1c

Dr. Nirdosh Kohra shines light on real causes and solutions for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, suicide, alcoholism, domestic violence, and others.

The emotional side of v1rus3s

In this webinar, Dr. Nirdosh gives a glimpse of the marvelous interconnection of these microscopic particles with our mind and emotions.

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