Primal, healing your inner child

July 27th - August 4th 2024

Tapalehui, Mexico

What is Primal?

It is a 8-day retreat in Tapalehui, a beautiful place in nature, near Cuernavaca, Morelos. In the middle of fruit trees, next to a river, pure air, pool and silence. During these days you will go through a healing process of the first 10 years of your life, allowing all the burdens, tensions and unresolved issues to be released so you won't have to carry them anymore. You will be able to recover your essence, the meaning of your life, and the love for yourself.

The Primal retreat is the best opportunity to let go of past burdens, heal past wounds, bring peace to your childhood and experience new vitality, creativity and joy in your life.
It is a liberating, relaxing, fun, transformative and deeply healing workshop.

Primal is for you if:

You suffer from frustration, apathy, lack of meaning in life, couple conflicts, family conflicts, conflicts in your relationship with your children, stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, dissatisfaction in your life, chronic physical issues, emotional and mental problems, chronic fatigue, or if you are looking for a new adventure that will inject vitality and joy into your life, this process is for you.

An opportunity to reconnect with yourself, to feel integrity, friendship, and self-love again.

How are the 8 days of the retreat like?

During the retreat, all participants are in silence and you will have no contact with the outside world. This allows you to go deeper into your process and make the most of it.
It is a unique retreat in Mexico that integrates meditation, alternative therapies, silence, creative expression, group dynamics, time in nature and more, that will transform your life. During the Primal retreat we eat tasty vegetarian food, where we avoid stimulants or other ingredients that suppress our emotions such as caffeine, sugar, white flour, and dairy. This is a great support to connect more easily with our body and get more out of the Primal process.

After experiencing Primal, you'll be able agin to have authentic and harmonious relationships with your partner, your children, friends and colleagues. You'll be able to take your life in your hands again and decide freely what you want to do with it.

Hundreds of people have taken Primal and transformed their lives.

Many have found harmony, love, passion and respect again in their relationships. Many fathers and mothers have rediscovered how to relate to their children in a more loving, relaxed and instinctive way, feeling again the joy and gratitude of being a parent. Others have suddenly stopped suffering from symptoms or illnesses that couldn't be solved with conventional methods.

Where is Primal retreat?

Tapalehui is a beautiful retreat center in the countryside, 20 minutes from Cuernavaca, Morelos. It's a quiet place, in the middle of nature, with fruit trees, a river, swimming pool and beautiful melodies of birds, crickets and frogs. Our friends who work at Tapalehui are residents of the nearby villages and take care of us with love. It's an ideal place to disconnect from the city and tune in with nature and ourselves.

A very common experience for Primal participants is the ability to see their father and mother again with a new heart and new eyes and to feel deep love and gratitude towards them in their adult life.

Primal testimonials:

akshi coelho

-Holistic Therapist, Speaker & DJ. Lisboa, portugal-

"Primal was a very special moment in my life, where I was able to connect with my inner child. Those 7 days that I spent with my inner child, I was able to hug him and it allowed me to become friends with him, my best friend to this day. The beauty and magic of this process is that I was able to safely go back to reconnect and heal that child that was full of fear. That brought a great healing to my life today, something definitely changed."

Siari Diana Turner

-Ministry of Health consultant. Mexico City-

"It's so comforting to come back and find my inner child, to see my parents with compassion. I'm so happy, so grateful with Dr. Yonatan Eidels Huber (Nirdosh Kohra) and Anna Gulistan, I couldn't have had a better Primal with anyone else, I love them so much!".

About Dr. Yonatan Eidels Huber (Nirdosh Kohra) & Anna Gulistan

She is from Greek and he is Mexican. They have been working for 17 years with different therapeutic and meditation methods around the world, offering retreats, individual sessions and supporting different Meditation centers in Brazil, Greece and India. Primal's work transformed their lives and continues to do so every time they offer this beautiful retreat.

Anna Gulistan Plevri

She is passionate in finding ways to live a healthy, balanced and harmonious life. She has been traveling to North, Central and South America, Europe, India, Japan, China, Australia and other countries discovering hidden essential practices from each culture to maintain health. She uses methods to bring awareness on a physical, emotional and mental level liberating past tensions supporting the person to live life with a new flow of energy.

Has been working with children, teenagers and adults since 1992. Instructor of the Science of Raw Food Nutrition and a Gourmet Raw Food Chef, Living Light International, U.S.A. Co-founder of Path of Meditation (2006), Founder and creator of Conscious Nutrition (2007).Co-creator of Healing the Inner Teenager Training, The Quest for Passion (2013).

Dr. Yonatan Eidels Huber (Nirdosh Kohra)

After he graduated as a Medical Doctor and took of on a life journey around the world to find the way to bridge Western and Eastern Medicine. He experienced and was trained in many Healing and transforming techniques in India, Tibet, Europe, USA and Mexico that led him to be a co-founder of Path of Meditation (2006), of the Conscious Nutrition Academy (2007) and to create the Bodhi Medicine Institute (2015).

He actually offers Awareness Intensive and Primal retreats, Active Meditation workshops, Men´s gatherings, Osho meditative therapies, Bodhi Medicine trainings, Osho No Mind Trainings around the world and runs a private holistic Medical practice in Mexico, Greece, Brazil and other places of Europe.

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