Professional Certification

Are you a healthcare professional?
Get certified as a Bodhi Medicine practitioner!

  • Integrate all teachings of Bodhi Medicine and start applying them in your practice as a physician, psychotherapist, nutritionist, yoga teacher or any other area of your work in the health field.
  • Bodhi Medicine is a solid and comprehensive foundation to enhance your ability to support others.
  • By becoming certified as a Bodhi Medicine practitioner, you will be listed in the Bodhi Medicine directory of certified practitioners, as well as on the Bodhi Medicine website.
  • The more people join on this path, the more we can support each other's healing and awakening as community.

Requirements to get certified as a Bodhi Medicine Practitioner:

  • Complete the entire training once as a participant.
  • Attend a second full training as an assistant to deepen your understanding and experience with Bodhi Medicine and provide support to participants (this second time you only pay 50% of the training fee).
  • Submit 10 consultations cases in your field of health, integrating the principles learned in Bodhi Medicine supervised by Dr. Nirdosh and receive his personal feedback and guidance on them.
  • Give at least one lecture or short introductory course on the 5 biological laws and receive feedback from Dr. Nirdosh Kohra.
  • Investment of 10 cases supervision and certification: $1,000 USD.

To apply for certification, fill out this form and we will contact you:

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