In-Person Workshops

Participate in Dr. Nirdosh's workshops, retreats and in-person trainings in different cities around the world and experience Bodhi Medicine's transformative power.

In these workshops you'll have the opportunity to experience therapeutic, transformational processes, and unique meditation techniques that can help you in your daily life, ask questions, share experiences, receive personal support on health and personal development issues, connect with others from around the world who integrate this invaluable knowledge and experience into their lives, and much more.

Primal, healing your inner child

A 7-day retreat in Tapalehui, a beautiful place in nature, near Cuernavaca, Morelos. In the middle of fruit trees, next to a river, fresh air, swimming pool and silence. During these days you will go through a healing process of the first 10 years of your life, allowing all the burdens, tensions and unresolved issues to be released so you won't have to carry them anymore. You will be able to recover your essence, the meaning of your life, and the love for yourself.

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