"Bodhi Medicine offered me a deep connection with my mind and body, creating a new understanding of how life is organizing it-self in the most amazing way. A shift in my understanding that the symptoms are in most cases the first phase of healing released the tensions and offered me the relaxation so much needed for the body and mind to recover and heal even faster than usual".

-Catalina Molnar (About Bodhi Medicine Training)

Coach and Facilitator - Bucharest, Romania

"This group gave me much more than I could ever imagine. I was hoping to cleanse my liver from all toxins and become healthier after having some health issues in the past. However, I discovered a totally different approach to my health, body and nutrition, which I have been benefiting from then until now. It was like a fresh restart for my liver that influenced my overall energy – after the group I was full of life, shining and experiencing my own body with an excitement and joy".

-Sharani Naďa Aymen (About Liver cleansing retreat)

Montessori teacher, mother, coach and meditator - Czech Republic

"Bodhi Medicine and the 5 Biological Laws have allowed me to open and understand the world of emotions and the human psyche, their relationship to the cycle of health and disease, and how it's all connected. For me a it was a Big Bang after 25 years of studying medicine... the puzzle is finally complete. A new path, a new intuition and a clear mission. I am deeply grateful forever for this new way of seeing life".

-Luis Sierra Suárez (About Bodhi Medicine Training)

Orthopedist and Knee surgeon - Mexico City

"It feels like learning how to drive again, but finally understanding how all the controls of the car work. Thank you for helping us to know our body better".

-Juan Carlos Montes (About Bodhi Medicine Training)

CEO and founder of Monte Bueno Health products - Mexico City

"I really enjoyed the wholistic approach, it´s not only about cleansing the liver, it´s also cleansing the emotions and everything that comes with it. Alone, I would not have the support I needed for the cleanse. It was a great group experience! It felt very safe, easy and relaxing. I enjoyed the Chi Gong exercises, the diet we had, the juices, I had much more energy. Thank you Nirdosh, Gulistan And Adhiraj".

-Nirati Ross (About Liver cleansing retreat)

Frankfurt, Alemania

"It's a whole shift in terms of thinking what is disease, what causes disease, how to treat or not to treat disease. And it's presented in a way that is easy to follow and digest".

-Anam Kat (About Bodhi Medicine Training)

Bodyworker and Breath Therapist - Germany

"Thank you Nirdosh! I´m grateful that there are more courageous “medical” human beings, with values that speak with truth and help us to see clearly the manipulation under which we are living because of ignorance. The Pharmaceutical-medical Industry and the food industry get wealthier without conscience, while our health becomes poorer through misinformation in the media. Thank you for what you share with us".

-Alma Flores Castrejón (About Bodhi Medicine Training)

CEO and Ecologist - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

"Thank you very much for the Bodhi Medicine online course, I did in April. The understanding that it gives really changes the perception of "diseases" and the attitude of the processes in the body. I really enjoyed it. I can trust my body much more now and don't have fear. And I didn't have during this coronavirus situation".

-Ksenya Muzhikovskaya (About Bodhi Medicine Training)

Meditation Leader - Kazan, Rusia

"It has been an incredible experience for me, a journey of 8 days where I discovered myself- my emotions, my fears, the traumas that we’re holding me back, 8 days where I’ve connected in so many ways with beautiful human beings that will remain in my mind and soul for good. I understood how what I eat affects my body, I’ve learned to pay attention to nutrition, to find what is good for my body. All of this was possible due to the amazing Nirdosh, Gulistan and Adhiraj. I cannot thank you enough".

-Mihaela Melenciuc (About Liver Cleansing retreat)

Entrepreneur - Bucarest, Rumania

"I feel absolutely renewed, joyful, clean, light and most of all a soft sensation in my body that I never experienced before in my life. It was a week of a deep emotional process, very loving, I felt contained and I felt I was allowed to feel whatever was coming up for me, to be myself. My belly and back aches have gone, it is fantastic!".

-Leila Mucciolo (About Liver Cleansing retreat)

Psychotherapist - São Paulo, Brazil

"It's so comforting to come back and find my inner child, to see my parents with compassion. I´m so happy, so grateful with Nirdosh and Gulistan, I couldn't have had a better Primal with anyone else, I love them so much!".

-Siari Diana Turner (About Primal, Healing your inner child retreat)

Ministry of Health consultant - Mexico City

"These workshops have been without doubt some of my best experiences in life! Every day I have been proving the efficiency of the teachings of Dr. Nirdosh Kohra, they are perfect! And in our home we don’t say anymore “we are sick”, now we say “we are healing pains".

-Gina Rangel (About Bodhi Medicine training)

Chef, Mother and Blogger - Mexico City

"Primal really transforms your heart, it transformed my life. The staff also with their generosity and love, their true desire to accompany us in this incredible journey, has been an unforgettable adventure. Live the experience, live Primal!".

-Alejandro de la Madrid (About Primal, Healing your inner child retreat)

Actor - Mexico City

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